Faith and Raindrops

    “Faith and Raindrops,” Friend, March 2019

    Faith and Raindrops

    panel story of girl looking at dry grass and getting ready for church

    Illustrations by Katie McDee

    The grass is thirsty, Mom! It’s all yellow.

    I know. It hasn’t rained in a long time.

    Ready? We don’t want to be late for church!

    Next week is fast Sunday. Please fast and pray for rain.

    I want to pray for rain!

    Missy prayed for rain every day.

    The next Sunday …

    I’m ready for church!

    Why do you have your umbrella?

    I think it will rain.

    It doesn’t look like it.

    But I know Heavenly Father heard my prayers.

    That’s called faith!

    Sometimes answers don’t come right away. Now we need to wait and trust God.

    Days later …

    It’s raining! Heavenly Father answered my prayers.