Show and Tell
February 2019

“Show and Tell,” Friend, February 2019

Show and Tell

collection of quotes and drawings from kids

Scriptures Are Special

The scriptures are special.

The scriptures are true.

I read the scriptures,

And so should you.

Read them in the morning,

And read them at night.

Once you read them,

They will show you the light.

The scriptures are special.

The scriptures are true.

When you read the scriptures,

Jesus will grow closer to you.

Matthew W., age 10, Alabama, USA

One of my friends asked me to swear. I didn’t. Instead, I asked her not to swear around me. She said she would try, and then she asked the rest of the girls to do the same. Almost all of them agreed! I’m glad I could be a good example.

Elora W., age 12, Vienna, Austria

We were on vacation at a lake, and we fell off our motorized watercraft. It rolled over and wouldn’t start again. My sister Ash said a prayer, and then I said a prayer, and it started to work! I know the Lord answers our prayers.

Sophia C., age 9, Hesse, Germany

Our family decided to collect food in our neighborhood for the homeless shelter. My brother and I decorated notes to tell our neighbors about it. A few days later we collected the food. It made me feel happy to help lots of people.

Asher W., age 6, Ontario, Canada

Before my baptism, I asked my friends from school who don’t go to our church if they would come, and they said yes! I was happy to see them at my baptism and know they supported me!

Alison H., age 8, California, USA

One day when I was in the playground at lunchtime, I saw another girl crying, as she didn’t have anyone to play with. I went over to her and asked her to come and play with me and my friends. She stopped crying and came to play with us.

Mia B., age 6, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

One day at football practice, a teammate asked if I went to church. I told him yes and that I was LDS. He didn’t know what that meant, so I explained that “LDS” stands for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He said he had never gone to church before. I am glad I could tell him about our church, and I hope I can tell him more!

Bentley P., age 11, Utah, USA

My family is reading President Russell M. Nelson’s biography. I found a picture of him when he was a little boy and drew my own version. I am grateful for our prophet.

Fischer L., age 8, Utah, USA