Learning about Baptism
February 2019

“Learning about Baptism,” Friend, February 2019

Learning about Baptism

I’m getting baptized! But there are a few things I need to learn first. Help me learn about the steps of baptism by reading and coloring in the boxes below.

coloring pictures of a girl getting baptized

Illustrations by Brad Teare

  1. To get ready, I’ll have an interview with the bishop. He’ll ask me if I have faith in Jesus Christ and follow the commandments. I’ll also ask someone who holds the priesthood to baptize me.

  2. I can invite my family and friends to come to my baptism.

  3. When I get baptized, I will go all the way under the water, like Jesus did. But it will only be for about a second, and then I’ll come right back up.

  4. I will take the name of Christ upon me. This means I will be a Christian, or someone who follows Jesus. I’ll also promise to always remember Him and obey His commandments.

  5. I will be confirmed. That means I will be invited to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost can help me make good choices and warn me about danger.

  6. I will become a member of the Church.

  7. I can think about my baptism promises when I take the sacrament.

  8. My baptism will bless me my whole life! When I make mistakes, I can repent and be forgiven. Then I can feel as clean as on the day I was baptized.

Thanks for helping me get ready for the big day!