My Eternal Family
February 2019

“My Eternal Family,” Friend, February 2019

My Eternal Family

a girl eating dinner with her family

Illustrations by Dilleen Marsh

Hi! I’m Addie. I was born in Seoul, Korea, but now I live with my family in Washington, in the United States. I love to jump rope, swim, and make slime. On Sunday mornings, I like to make puff pancakes for breakfast.

Before I was born, my family had four boys. My mom and dad thought their family was complete. Then my mom felt the Spirit tell her they needed to adopt a daughter.

My family had to wait almost two years before they could adopt a baby! So my grandparents, parents, and brothers were all very excited to meet me at the airport. Six months after I arrived, my family took me to the Spokane Washington Temple, where I was sealed to them forever. The gospel teaches me that I am a child of God. He knows me and loves me. Because of the temple, I can receive every blessing that my brothers, who were born to my parents, can receive. I can be part of an eternal family!

For many years, my dad and I have taken Korean culture and language classes so I can learn about my birth country. I am so grateful for my special and unique story. Almost every night in my prayers, I tell Heavenly Father that I am thankful for temples and missionaries. I want others to learn about the gospel so they can be sealed to their families forever too. ●