For Older Kids
February 2019

“For Older Kids,” Friend, February 2019

For Older Kids

collection of fun facts and challenges

Illustrations by Thomas S. Child


Why did the teddy bear say no to dessert?

See answer below.

God’s Amazing World

Did you know?

  • Mandarin Chinese is spoken by more people than any other language.

  • The Bible has been translated into more languages than any other book. Parts of it are available in more than 3,000 languages!

  • Hawaiians have more than 100 words to describe types of rain.

Scripture Power

My scripture hero is Moroni.

Isaac L., age 11, California, USA

Family History Hunt

What’s your favorite family photo? Add it to FamilySearch.org and write why it’s special to you.

Brain Break

Have a five-minute dance party to your favorite song!

Art Challenge

Use different shapes to fill each box with a fun pattern.

Answer: Because he was stuffed!