Family Night Fun
February 2019

“Family Night Fun,” Friend, February 2019

Family Night Fun

Here are some ideas you could use for home evening!

a mom and son playing a matching game

Song: “When I Am Baptized” (Children’s Songbook, 103)

Scripture: Matthew 3:13–17


  1. Read about Jesus being baptized, in Matthew 3 or on page FJ4. Talk about how Jesus set an example for us by being baptized.

  2. Play the matching game on page 7.

  3. When someone gets a match, talk about that part of the baptism covenant. How does the sacrament go along with baptism? (See *CFM, pages 19–21, 27.)

“Bananut” Ice Cream

The baptism covenant is a promise between two individuals: you and Heavenly Father. Here’s a recipe that needs just two ingredients! (This makes about 3 servings.)

  • Slice and freeze 4 large ripe bananas

  • Blend them until creamy

  • Add 2 tablespoons peanut butter

  • Blend until smooth

  • Enjoy your banana-peanut-butter ice cream!

More Ideas

  • Read “A Promise to Try” (page 4). Talk about how Heavenly Father doesn’t expect us to be perfect—just to try, then repent when we mess up. Hang up page 9 as a reminder to keep trying! (See *CFM, page 19.)

  • Read “The Yo-Yo Decision” (page 22) and talk about what it means to “resist temptation.” (See *CFM, page 23.)

  • Is someone in your family getting ready for baptism? Pages 24–25 may help! (See *CFM, pages 19–21, 27.)

* Come, Follow Me—For Individuals and Families