Prayer in the Checkout Line

    “Prayer in the Checkout Line,” Friend, April 2018

    Prayer in the Checkout Line

    The authors live in Colorado and Utah, USA.

    Prayer in the Checkout Line

    Illustration by Scott Peck

    Eli, get your shoes on! We’re going to the store.


    I need you to be a big helper at the store today.

    Heavenly Father, please bless Mom. She’s having a really hard time.

    Would you like to go ahead of me?

    Oh, thank you! That’s so kind.

    No problem. I remember what it’s like to have kids at the store.

    Why did that lady let us go ahead?

    She saw that we were having a hard time and wanted to help.

    My prayer was answered. Awesome!

    But she’s not the only one who helped me. You helped most of all!