For Parents of Little Ones

    “For Parents of Little Ones,” Friend, April 2018

    For Parents of Little Ones

    For Parents of Little Ones

    Illustration by Dan Burr

    “We believe in God, the Eternal Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost” (Articles of Faith 1:1). This simple article of faith teaches wonderful eternal truths. But young children can easily get confused about who the members of the Godhead are and the role each one plays in our life.

    Here are some ideas to help your little ones better understand the Godhead:

    • Show them a picture of the First Vision and talk about it. “Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. They are two people! And look, do you see Their eyes, mouths, hair, and hands? They have bodies like us!”

    • Some hear “Holy Ghost” and think of a scary ghost. Use something comforting like a blanket to cuddle together as you explain: “We can’t see the Holy Ghost. But we can feel Him, like a warm blanket around our heart. Heavenly Father sends the Holy Ghost to help us.”

    • When your child prays, point out that they’re talking to their Father in Heaven. When they choose the right, they’re following Jesus. When they have happy feelings after making a good choice, those feelings come from the Holy Ghost.

    • Use this action rhyme to help them remember what they’ve learned: “I pray to my Heavenly Father [fold arms]. I follow Jesus by choosing the right [walk in place]. The Holy Ghost can comfort me and help me feel warm and light [wrap arms around yourself in a hug].”