What’s on Your Mind?

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“What’s on Your Mind?” Friend, April 2018

What’s on Your Mind?

Is the priesthood just for men and boys? —Asking in Aberdeen

Friend Magazine, 2018/04 Apr

Dear Asking,

Definitely not. Heavenly Father blesses both women and men, girls and boys, through the priesthood. And both women and men use priesthood authority to help with God’s work.*

The Friend

How the Priesthood Blesses Everyone

  • Blessings when we’re sick or need comfort

  • Baptism

  • Gift of the Holy Ghost

  • Sacrament

  • Temple ordinances

  • Women and men who serve us in Church callings and in the temple

How I Can Help in the Work of the Priesthood

Fit the bolded words below in the puzzle. Hint: count the letters in each word to find the spaces they fit in.

  • Learn about what the priesthood means.

  • Give a talk in Primary or give a lesson in family home evening.

  • Do baptisms in the temple when I’m old enough.

  • Get ready to serve in Young Women (for girls).

  • Get ready to be ordained as a deacon (for boys).

  • Do family history.

  • Help people learn about the gospel.

  • Learn from the examples of righteous women and men.

  • Prepare to be a faithful parent someday.