Jesus Is Our Friend

    “Jesus Is Our Friend,” Friend, April 2018

    Jesus Is Our Friend

    The author lives in Idaho, USA.

    Jesus Is Our Friend

    Illustrations by Elise Black

    One day Carson went to the doctor’s office with his mom.

    Carson and Mom sat next to a lady in the waiting room. She had a baby with her. Carson said hello to the lady. He said hello to the baby. Carson loved making new friends!

    Carson found a book with stories from the Bible. He showed it to his mom. Then he showed it to his new friend.

    “Will you read me a story, please?” Carson asked the lady. “I want to read this Jesus book.”

    The lady smiled at Carson and nodded. She looked at the book.

    “Do you like books about Jesus?” she asked Carson.

    Carson nodded. “Yes! Jesus is my friend.” Carson looked up at the lady. “Are you Jesus’s friend?”

    The lady thought for a second.

    “Hmm. I guess He’s my friend. I’ve never thought about it,” she said.

    “Well, you can be friends with Jesus, because He loves you,” Carson said. “I like reading stories about Jesus because He loves me.”

    The lady flipped through the book.

    “I used to read the Bible sometimes. I should read it again,” she said.

    “If you follow Jesus, then you’ll be happy,” Carson said. “If you follow the bad guys, you won’t be happy.”

    Just then the nurse came to get the lady and her baby.

    Carson waved goodbye. The lady smiled and waved back. Carson felt happy. He liked talking to people about Jesus!