You Can’t Wrap a Horse!

    “You Can’t Wrap a Horse!” Friend, December 2016

    You Can’t Wrap a Horse!

    Friend Magazine, 2016/12 Dec

    Let’s talk about gifts.

    I love gifts!

    They’re fun to get, but it’s also nice to give them.

    There are gifts you can’t wrap. Can you think of some of those?

    I know! A horse!

    What about an elephant?

    Those would be hard to wrap!

    What about other gifts? When you help clean up, can you wrap that?

    No. Is it still a gift?

    Sure! What other gifts could you give?

    I can give Papa a hug when he comes home. I can’t wrap that!

    No, but it’s a great gift.

    I can invite my friend Eva to Primary. Is that a good gift?

    Yes! Can you think of a gift that Heavenly Father gave to all of us?

    I don’t know. What is it?

    Our Savior, Jesus Christ.

    That’s the best gift of all!