Show and Tell

    “Show and Tell,” Friend, December 2016

    Show and Tell

    Friend Magazine, 2016/12 Dec

    These Primary children in Italy made a Christmas tree out of handprints to celebrate Christmas!

    To help us remember the true meaning of Christmas, I made a nativity for my family.

    Victoria G., age 10, Missouri, USA

    I live with my grandparents, so everybody comes over to our house. When it snows, my cousins and I like to make snow forts. We like to have fun as a family!

    Pypper M., age 9, New Hampshire, USA

    I feel the Holy Ghost when I sing “Stars Were Gleaming.” It makes me feel warm inside.

    Andrew T., age 7, California, USA

    Christmas Story

    Christmas is when we give to others.

    We spend time with our siblings, fathers, and mothers.

    It’s all about Jesus’s birth.

    People rejoice all over the earth.

    Jesus’s life was the right way to live,

    And now we honor His birth with presents to give.

    Heavenly Father gave His Only Begotten Son,

    Jesus Christ, the Righteous and Holy One.

    Megan J., age 11, Utah, USA

    One fast Sunday I felt something say, “Go bear your testimony!” And right when that feeling hit me, I knew it was the Holy Ghost. And instead of having a nervous feeling, I felt courage! And so bearing my testimony wasn’t so bad!

    Saione T., age 9, Utah, USA

    I taught my friend who lives across the street about the birth of Jesus.

    Megan B., age 10, California, USA

    After we made Christmas crackers and filled them with some of our Halloween candy, we took them to a nursing home and gave them to the people who live there. I felt happy and warm inside.

    Abigail C., age 5, Pennsylvania, USA

    A new family moved into our branch as refugees from a country where there was a war. We live where there are very cold winters, and I was able to give my coat to my new friend.

    Erik S., age 11, Primorsky Krai, Russia