Blessings for Blessy

    “Blessings for Blessy,” Friend, December 2016

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    Blessings forBlessy

    Friend Magazine, 2016/12 Dec

    Hi! My name is Blessy!

    I live in India with my family. I got to plan a special Christmas activity for my school and share the gospel with my friends!

    Young Missionaries

    My Primary leaders teach that we should be missionaries. Sometimes I invite my friends to church. Most of the time, they say no. I thought that maybe I was too young to be a missionary.

    A Family Challenge

    Then, at family home evening, Dad challenged our family to invite one person to church every month. I wanted to do it, but it was tough! I asked Dad for help. He said I could pray. So I did.

    The Idea

    The next day at school, the principal asked for ideas for a school Christmas activity. I had a great idea! I told her that all the Primary-age kids could come visit my church. She called my parents, and they talked to the bishop to plan the activity. Our Primary leaders and the missionaries helped too.

    An Exciting Day

    Soon the day arrived. I felt nervous and excited at the same time. When Dad took me to school, I saw everyone was there and ready to go. Almost 500 students and teachers came!

    Together at Church

    At the church we watched a video about Jesus Christ’s birth. The young adults and missionaries sang Christmas songs. The bishop and my dad gave talks about how Jesus loves children and about loving one another. I gave a talk about Christmas. Everyone had a great time! My principal and my teacher even asked the missionaries questions.