Funstuff: Puzzle Page

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“Funstuff: Puzzle Page,” Friend, December 2016


Puzzle Page

Friend Magazine, 2016/12 Dec

Hink Pink Think

A hink pink is a pair of rhyming words that match a definition. See if you can solve these. The first one’s been done for you. Check your answers below.

A place to buy the stuff you walk on in your home

floor store

A cart for carrying winged, fire-breathing creatures

______________ ______________

Something that likes to eat flies and hop down the street

______________ ______________

A light red place for washing dishes

______________ ______________

Sweets that you accidentally drop onto the beach

______________ ______________

A primary-colored liquid for sticking things together

______________ ______________

A place to get a drink of water at the top of a huge hill

______________ ______________

More than 25%, but less than 75%, of a chuckle

______________ ______________

What’s the Question?

Pretend somebody said this to you: “The answer is 10. What’s a question that would match that answer?” You could come up with all kinds of questions that work: 7+3, 5+5, or 12-2 are only a few of them.

Now try this one. The answer is, “a school desk that’s also a spaceship.” What’s the question for that answer? Send your favorite question to the Friend if you want to share.