Service Nativity

    “Service Nativity,” Friend, December 2016

    Service Nativity

    Primary children from the Lubbock Texas North Stake, USA, collected 887 handprints with their acts of service written on them. Then two artists from the stake made this beautiful nativity. Look closely to see the hands! The stake invited people to come see it, and more than 4,500 people attended. The children learned that by helping others, they felt closer to our Savior.

    Here’s what some of the children had to say:

    When I do something good, it makes my heart feel warm. That’s when I feel my Savior.

    Aidan K., age 7

    Giving service helps me feel closer to the Lord.

    Avery B., age 10

    Service to me means to do jobs for people who are in need of help. It reminds me of Jesus when He did all His miracles to help people.

    Logan S., age 9