Getting to Know Elder David A. Bednar

    “Getting to Know Elder David A. Bednar,” Friend, Apr. 2016, 13

    Meet Elder David A. Bednar

    He was born in California on June 15, 1952. His mother was a member of the Church, and his father was a member of another church.

    When he was a boy, he liked to visit his grandparents on their dairy farm. He would sit with them in their backyard and eat pomegranates and watermelon.

    He played as quarterback on his high school football team.

    He loves reading the Book of Mormon. When he was growing up, he also enjoyed reading adventure novels.

    He and his parents took vacations together around Canada and the United States. His favorite trip was to the Sacred Grove in New York.

    He met his wife, Susan Robinson, while they were playing flag football at a family home evening activity in college.