Bulletin Board

    “Bulletin Board,” Friend, Apr. 2016, 17

    Bulletin Board

    Bulletin Board

    Play Conference “I-Spy”!

    How many of these scenes can you see while watching general conference this month?

    Cyber Strong

    I will never say something online that I wouldn’t say to someone in person.

    God Gives Us Good Food

    Did you meet Arwen from New Mexico on page 14? New Mexico has two state vegetables: chile and frijoles. Chiles are spicy red peppers, and frijoles are also called pinto beans.

    Temple Connection

    The Provo City Center Temple was dedicated last month. The building used to be a tabernacle, but it caught on fire and was badly damaged. Instead of rebuilding it as a tabernacle, President Monson said it should be rebuilt as a temple! Do you know any stories about the temple nearest you?

    Ask Your Family

    What was a hard thing that happened to you that later turned out to be a blessing?