I Need to Talk

    “I Need to Talk,” Friend, Apr. 2016, 36

    I Need to Talk

    I Need to Talk

    When you need help, advice, or support, it’s important to talk to a parent. But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Here are some tips to help.

    If you can’t talk to a parent, find a trusted adult who knows and cares about you and wants to help. It could be a relative, Church leader, teacher, or school counselor. Use the same tips.

    Pick a good time to talk when you can have your parent’s full attention. Go on a drive or a walk. Let them know if it’s urgent.

    I need to talk. When is a good time?

    Think about what you want from the conversation. Do you want advice, or permission, or just someone to listen? Tell your parents what you need.

    Dad, I need to tell you about something. It would help me if you just listen and not give me advice until the end.

    Mom, I need your advice. Can we talk?

    If you’re worried about disappointing or upsetting your parents, say how you feel.

    Mom, I need to tell you something. But it’s pretty embarrassing.

    Dad, I’m worried you’ll be mad, but I need to talk to you.

    • Talk to your parents often about everyday things. Then it will be easier to talk to them about a problem.

    • Listen to what your parents say and be respectful. Think about how they might feel. Talk without arguing or whining.

    • Be clear and honest so your parents can know what’s going on and how you feel. Don’t try to hide things from them.

    • Remember to talk to your Heavenly Father too! When you pray, He can help you.

    • Be patient with your parents. It might be hard for them to be calm and know how to deal with a problem right away. Remember that parents can make mistakes too.