Happy Sabbath: We Missed You

    “Happy Sabbath: We Missed You,” Friend, Apr. 2016, 16

    Happy Sabbath

    We Missed You!

    Do this activity with your family!

    Friend Magazine, 2016/04 Apr

    Going to church is the most important part of the Sabbath. We take the sacrament and learn more about the gospel. We also meet together like Jesus told His followers to do (see 3 Nephi 18:22) and help each other be strong.

    Have one person read this list out loud while everyone else in your family closes their eyes. Pause after each sentence to give everyone time to think.

    • Picture the chapel during sacrament meeting. Do you remember who spoke? Did you feel the Spirit?

    • Think about the people in your class. Picture their faces.

    • Now try to think of someone who wasn’t at church.

    • How can you show love to that missing person? Now open your eyes.

    We show love for Jesus Christ when we show love to others. As a family, do something special for someone who wasn’t at church. You could cut out the card below and glue it to paper, or make a surprise of your own!

    We missed you at church! Hope to see you next week.