I Can Read the Book of Mormon

    “I Can Read the Book of Mormon,” Friend, Apr. 2016, 23

    I Can Read the Book of Mormon

    I Can Read the Book of Mormon

    This Month’s Scriptures

    After you read a scripture passage, color the matching numbered areas on the Waters of Mormon!

    1. Mosiah 21:14–16, 32–35

    2. Mosiah 22:2, 10–16

    3. Mosiah 24:8, 10–14

    4. Mosiah 27:8, 11, 18–24

    5. Mosiah 27:30–37

    6. Mosiah 28:3, 5–15, 20

    7. Alma 8:11–16, 18–27

    8. Alma 11:38–46

    The Waters of Mormon

    Alma hid from wicked King Noah near a peaceful place called the Waters of Mormon. Many people came to hear Alma teach the gospel. They wanted to be baptized. When Alma baptized them, the people made the same promises, or covenants, that we make when we are baptized. You can read more about these promises on FJ4–6.