You Are Special

“You Are Special,” Friend, Feb. 2016, 40–41

You Are Special

“OK Emma, it’s your turn,” Daddy said.

Friend Magazine, 2016/02 Feb

Emma ran into the living room. It was time for family home evening.

“Kyle is going to a new school,” Daddy said. “So I am going to give him a father’s blessing. I will give you a blessing too, Emma.”

“A blessing is a way for Heavenly Father to tell you things He wants you to hear,” Mommy said.

First it was Kyle’s turn. He sat in a chair. He folded his arms and closed his eyes. Daddy put his hands on Kyle’s head. Emma folded her arms too.

Daddy said Kyle’s full name. He said he was blessing him by the power of the priesthood. Then he said, “I bless you that you’ll be able to do well at school.”

What will Heavenly Father tell me? Emma wondered as she listened to the rest of the blessing.

Soon Daddy said, “OK, Emma, it’s your turn.”

He helped her climb onto the chair. She folded her arms. She closed her eyes tight. Daddy put his hands on her head. He said lots of happy things in the blessing. Emma felt like she was getting a big, warm hug.

“In the name of Jesus Christ, amen,” Daddy said. He took his hands off her head.

“What do you remember from your blessing?” Mommy asked.

“Daddy said that Heavenly Father thinks I’m special!” Emma said. She felt warm in her heart. She knew it was true.

Mommy smiled. “You are special,” she said. “And Heavenly Father loves you.”