Bulletin Board

“Bulletin Board,” Friend, Feb. 2016, 17

Bulletin Board

Friend Magazine, 2016/02 Feb

Temple Connection

The Bern Switzerland Temple was dedicated by David O. McKay and rededicated by Gordon B. Hinckley. If your parents or grandparents are members of the Church, ask them what they remember about President McKay or President Hinckley.

Cyber Strong

I’ll check with a trusted adult before downloading anything.

Ask Your Family

Did anything make you feel sad today? What helped you feel better?

Play Schokoladenessen!

Have you read pages 14–15 and met Isaac from Switzerland? Here’s a Swiss game you can try. The name means “chocolate eating.”

  1. Wrap a chocolate bar like a present and place it on a table, along with a hat, mittens, scarf, knife, and fork.

  2. Each player takes turns rolling a number cube.

  3. If a player rolls a six, they quickly put on the winter clothes and try to open and eat the chocolate with the knife and fork before someone else rolls a six.

  4. The person who eats the last piece of chocolate wins!

God Gives Us Good Food

This is an eggplant. It can be eaten lots of ways: baked, steamed, and even barbecued! In Renaissance Italy, it was called a mala insana, or “crazy apple.”