Sharing Standards

“Sharing Standards,” Friend, Feb. 2016, 14–15

Friends Who Stand Tall

Sharing Standards

Friend Magazine, 2016/02 Feb

Hi! My name is Isaac.

I live in Geneva, Switzerland. When I grow up, I want to be a paleontologist or a veterinarian. I love running and playing with my dog, Happy.

My brother and sister and I are the only members of the Church at our school. We have lots of nice friends, but some of them do not have the same standards. I have decided to always stand up for what I believe, even if it’s not the popular thing to do.

“No” to Tea

Iced tea is very popular in Switzerland. At my birthday party, one of my friends asked me for a glass of iced tea. I told him that we didn’t have any. He asked me why. I explained nicely that my family does not drink tea.

Serving My Sister

My sister, Mayla, has cerebral palsy. She uses a wheelchair and sometimes needs help sitting up or getting around the house. I like to help her. After school my brother, Samuel, and I bring her outside the school to go home with our dad.

A Brave Missionary

My sister isn’t afraid to talk about what she believes. Mayla is already planning her baptism and wants to invite her friends!

A Kind Friend

My brother, Samuel, is a good example. Once a new boy named Max came to school. He spoke Korean and English, but not French. Samuel helped Max feel welcome and helped him learn French. Now they play together after school, and once Max came to a Church activity with us.

Isaac’s Tips for Standing Tall

Obey your parents and the Savior.

Go to activities at church.

Go to church on Sundays and take the sacrament.

Respect others.