Happy Sabbath: Sacrament Thoughts

“Happy Sabbath: Sacrament Thoughts,” Friend, Feb. 2016, 16

Happy Sabbath

Sacrament Thoughts

Do this activity with your family!

Friend Magazine, 2016/02 Feb

The sacrament is a sacred time to sit quietly, think about how much Jesus loves us, and pray. Make this booklet to take to sacrament meeting to help you think about Jesus. Be sure to get an adult’s help.

  1. Fold and staple pieces of paper to make a booklet.

  2. Copy the sentences to the right into your booklet. Leave space for pictures.

  3. Find and cut out pictures to go with each sentence. You could look in old copies of the Friend or print pictures at medialibrary.lds.org. Or draw your own!

  4. Glue the pictures into your booklet. Use the booklet to remember what you’ve learned about Jesus and the sacrament.

During the sacrament, I think about Jesus.

Before Jesus died, He taught His disciples to take the sacrament to remember Him. After He was resurrected, Jesus taught the people in the Americas to take the sacrament too.

The sacrament hymns are beautiful.

Hymns no. 169–196 are songs about the sacrament. What’s your favorite sacrament song?

I listen to the prayers blessing the bread and water.

You can read the sacrament prayers in D&C 20:77, 79. Can you say them from memory?

The sacrament helps me make and keep covenants.

When we are baptized, we promise to follow Jesus Christ, and we are clean from sin. When we take the sacrament, we can be spiritually clean again as if we were just baptized!