Enos Prayed

“Enos Prayed,” Friend, Feb. 2016, 22

Book of Mormon Hero

Enos Prayed

Friend Magazine, 2016/02 Feb

Enos prayed about what was worrying him. He prayed for others too. He even prayed for his enemies! How can you be like Enos this month?

While on a family vacation, we got separated from my dad and little brother. It was getting dark. The rest of the family didn’t know what to do. I told them we should pray. We said a prayer, and then we started to walk to some other stores. We looked up the street and saw my dad and my little brother! I was happy. I knew that God loved us and helped us find our dad.

Oliver P., age 8, São Paulo, Brazil

  • Memorize Enos 1:4.

  • Write in your journal about a time when Heavenly Father answered your prayers.

  • Watch chapter 11 of the animated Book of Mormon stories at scripturestories.lds.org.

  • I challenge myself to …