Macaroni Helper
November 2015

“Macaroni Helper,” Friend, Nov. 2015, 32–33

Macaroni Helper

Ari could make a difference.

On Saturday, Ari’s family went to help at the food bank.

“What’s a food bank?” Ari asked on the way there.

“It’s a big building with shelves full of food,” Mom said. “People who don’t have enough money for groceries can go there to get food.”

“Lots of people in our ward are helping,” said Ari’s big brother, Ben.

“But how can I help?” Ari asked.

“There will be a lot you can help with,” Mom said.

When they got to the food bank, a woman named Kathy showed them around.

“Today we need to paint walls,” Kathy said. “But we need to wash them first.”

Ari’s family got two buckets of warm, soapy water. Ari liked the bubbles. Mom and Dad washed up high. Ben washed in the middle. Ari washed down low.

Soon the hallway looked bright and shiny.

“What else can we do?” Ari asked.

“I need a bag holder,” Kathy said. “Follow me.”

Ari held bags while Ben filled them with uncooked macaroni. They stacked the bags in a big box. Ari counted the bags. He and Ben filled 27 macaroni bags!

When all the work was done, Kathy called everyone over to a big scale. “Just for fun, we want to see how much you all weigh,” she said.

Everyone crowded onto the scale. They weighed more than 2,000 pounds!

“We weigh more than a walrus!” Ben said. Ari laughed.

“Thank you for helping,” Kathy said as Ari left. “I can tell you care a lot about others.”

Ari smiled big. There really was work he could do! He felt awesome.

Macaroni Helper