Dear Parents and Teachers
November 2015

“Dear Parents and Teachers,” Friend, Nov. 2015, back cover

Dear Parents and Teachers,

Sometimes children grapple with big challenges, like sickness or disabilities. Three stories this month are about these situations. “Dear Gracie” (page 10) is about girls with spina bifida. “The Stuttering Struggle” (page 12) is about a boy who prays for help with his Primary program. And “Sweeter Than Pie” (page 18) is about a girl who is sick during the holidays. As we serve those with special circumstances, we can set an example of compassion for the children in our lives.

Lovingly yours,

The Friend

Family Home Evening Ideas

Conference Is for You: Read President Monson’s message (page 2). What can your family do to shine brighter? Then read about the three new Apostles (page 3) and add their cards to your Special Witness cards from September 2014. What did your family learn this conference?

Serving Others: Look at the helping hands from around the world on pages 24–27. Talk about what service your family has done this year, and set goals for continuing to serve. Watch the video “Pass It On” at friend.lds.org under “Other Videos.”

Don’t Give Up: Read Elder Holland’s tips for what to do when you feel sad (page 28). Have each family member share something that makes them happy. Then pick a happy activity to do together!

Feeling God’s Love:Talk with your family about what you are thankful for. Then do the activity “Picturing Tender Mercies” on page 9. Watch “I Am a Child of God” at friend.lds.org under “Sing-Along Videos” and talk about how you know that God loves you.

Dear Parents and Teachers