Family History Mystery: Journals
November 2015

“Family History Mystery: Journals,” Friend, Nov. 2015, 21

Family History Mystery

Case #10: The Mystery of the Journal

Dear Detective,

Did your mom or dad keep a journal when they were growing up? Ask your parents or grandparents to show you their journals. Can you find a good story they wrote about? Copy it into your detective notes!

If you don’t have a journal, get a notebook and start one!

10 Things to write or draw in Your Journal

  • What you’re grateful for

  • Funny, happy, sad, or exciting events

  • Vacations

  • Conference notes

  • Your thoughts as you read the scriptures

  • Goals

  • Pictures of your friends

  • Thoughts from lessons and talks

  • Your feelings about Jesus

  • Beautiful things

Family History Mystery: Journals