Coats and New Friends
November 2015

“Coats and New Friends,” Friend, Nov. 2015, 16–17

Friends Who Care

Coats and New Friends

Hi, I’m Matej! (It’s pronounced ma-tay.)

Our Primary learned about some kids in our city whose families are refugees from a country called Burma. Being a refugee means they had to leave their homes very quickly because of problems in their country. Many of these kids couldn’t bring any of their things when they left. We wanted to help!

The Plan

We made a plan to help our new friends from Burma. First we would collect things these kids needed, like warm clothes. Then we would invite them to come to an activity where we could play together and give them what we had collected.

Working Together

Kids in our Primary donated extra coats and scarves. Our families got a jar to help us save chore money. Every time we brought our scriptures to Primary, we put a nickel in our Primary jar. School and neighborhood kids got involved too.

Collecting Supplies

My family used our chore money to buy hairbrushes, socks, and 40 shampoos! I liked shopping to get the supplies. It made me really excited. We also collected warm coats, gloves, and hats.

The Day of Our Activity

When our Primary and the Burmese branch Primary had an activity together, we played games and learned about how Jesus Christ is like a shepherd. We made yummy treats and talked about His resurrection. We made new friends, and we’re excited to play together again!


My favorite part of the activity was giving everything to our new friends. They loved their coats so much they didn’t want to take them off! I was so happy to see how happy they were. Helping others is how I can show Heavenly Father that I love His children and I love Him.

How You Can Help

  • Make friends with someone new in your class or neighborhood and help them feel welcome!

  • Give good clothes you aren’t using anymore to a Deseret Industries store or charity shop.

  • Donate money to Humanitarian Aid in your tithing envelope. The Church uses that money to help people in need.

Coats and New Friends