Scripture Time: The Prodigal Son
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“Scripture Time: The Prodigal Son,” Friend, May 2015, 40–41

Scripture Time

The Prodigal Son

Learn about the New Testament together this year!

Friend Magazine, 2015/05 May

Have you ever lost something special? Jesus told some parables, or stories, about finding something that was lost. One was about a man who had a son that didn’t want to wait for the money he would get when he was older. He took the money and left home. He did things that were wrong and spent his money foolishly.

When all of his money was gone, he felt sad about what he had done. He went home, hoping his father would forgive him. When the father saw his son coming back home, he was so happy that he ran to meet him and welcomed him with love. Even though the son had been disobedient, he was still precious to his father.

This parable teaches us that even when we do something wrong, Heavenly Father still loves us. We are precious to Him, and He will always welcome us back with joy when we repent and come back to Him.

We can follow in Jesus’s footsteps by looking for those who are far away from Heavenly Father, helping them return to Him, and welcoming them with love.

Learn More

Read Luke 15:11–32 and see if you can find these words. (Hint: One of the words is in the chapter heading.) Find the definitions in the “Hidden Message” activity.

  • prodigal

  • riotous

  • famine

  • swine

  • husks

  • compassion

  • fatted calf

  • entreated

Hidden Message

Use the words from the “Learn More” section to fill in the crossword puzzle. When you’ve finished the puzzle, unscramble the letters in the colored boxes to find a hidden message! Check your answers below and in D&C 18:10.


  1. wasteful

  2. wild and not keeping the commandments

  3. invited

  4. pigs


  1. the best young animal raised for food

  2. wanting to help someone who is sick or in trouble

  3. when many people don’t have enough food to eat

  4. the dry covering of ears of corn

The _____________h of ____________ is ____________ in the ______g______ of God.

  • Answer: Across: 3, riotous; 4, swine; 5, fatted calf; 7, entreated; 8, prodigal; Down: 1, husks; 2, famine; 6, compassion; “The worth of souls is great in the sight of God” (D&C 18:10).