Funstuff: You Found the Lost Sheep!
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“Funstuff: You Found the Lost Sheep!” Friend, May 2015, 34


You Found the Lost Sheep!

Friend Magazine, 2015/05 May

Jesus taught a parable about finding a lost sheep (see Luke 15). Now you can help find the sheep!

  1. One “guesser” leaves the room while the others quietly decide which sheep is the “lost sheep.” Place a piece of candy or a small snack on each sheep. Call the guesser back in.

  2. The guesser picks a piece of candy to eat and keeps going until he or she picks the lost sheep. Then the other players yell, “You found the lost sheep!” and that turn ends.

  3. Take turns being the guesser.

Can you also find a ball cap, baseball, block, book, brush, camera, football, garden hoe, keys, phone, screwdriver, shoe, sippy cup, spatula, umbrella, and a wrench?