My Baptismal Covenant

    “My Baptismal Covenant,” Friend, May 2015, 24–25

    My Baptismal Covenant

    Friend Magazine, 2015/05 May

    I’ll make a sacred covenant

    On my baptism day.

    I’ll promise Heavenly Father

    To follow in His way.*

    I’ll gladly take upon me

    The name of Jesus Christ

    And promise to remember

    His loving sacrifice.

    I’ll follow Christ’s example,

    Be honest, good, and true.

    By serving others kindly,

    I’ll do as He would do.

    By keeping the commandments,

    I’ll learn the ways of God

    And stand up as His witness

    At home and far abroad.

    And when I make wrong choices,

    I know I can repent.

    The sweet peace of forgiveness

    Returns then, heaven-sent.

    Then as I keep my covenant,

    I know I will be blessed.

    The Holy Ghost will guide me

    All through my earthly test.