Funstuff: Women of Faith
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“Funstuff: Women of Faith,” Friend, May 2015, 15


Women of Faith

Friend Magazine, 2015/05 May

Many women in the scriptures had faith in Heavenly Father that helped them do wonderful things. Can you match their names with what they did? If you need help, turn to the scripture verses. Check your answers on below.

  1. Sariah

  2. Elisabeth

  3. Dorcas (also called Tabitha)

  4. Abish

  5. Miriam

  6. Deborah

  1. By thinking quickly and being brave, I saved my baby brother from being killed by the Pharaoh. My brother’s name was Moses. (See Exodus 2:2–10; Numbers 26:59.)

  2. I was a powerful judge and prophetess who helped the Israelites by teaching them to trust in God. With my help they beat the Canaanites in battle. (See Judges 4.)

  3. When I was very old and pregnant with my first child, my cousin Mary came to visit me. I felt my baby jump for joy inside me. I was filled with the Holy Ghost, and I knew that Mary would give birth to Jesus. (See Luke 1:39–44.)

  4. I lived at the same time as Jesus, and I was His disciple. I helped the poor and loved to serve others. The Apostle Peter raised me from the dead. (See Acts 9:36–41.)

  5. I lived in Jerusalem with my husband and children. When God told my husband we needed to leave, I believed, and we obeyed. I helped lead my family through the wilderness and over the ocean to the promised land. (See 1 Nephi 2:2–5.)

  6. I was a servant in King Lamoni’s house. I had a testimony of Jesus because of a vision my father had. I shared my testimony with lots of people, even though I was scared. (See Alma 19:16–17.)

  • Answers: 1, e; 2, f; 3, b; 4, c; 5, a; 6, d