Matilyn’s Pig

“Matilyn’s Pig,” Friend, May 2015, 18–19

Friends Who Care

A Pig for Courtney

Friend Magazine, 2015/05 May

When I found out that a little girl in my ward named Courtney had cancer, I wanted to help her. I have a little brother the same age as Courtney, and I knew I would be sad if my brother was going through what she is. So I found a way to raise some money for her treatments!

My Three Little Pigs

I had three pigs—Oreo, Lightning, and Rosie. I took care of them since they were babies. I loved giving them marshmallows, taking them for walks on leashes, and spending time with them. I was planning to sell one of my pigs at the county fair to help save up for my goal to become a veterinarian.

I Wanted to Help

Just before the county fair, I found out that Courtney was sick with cancer. My neighborhood decided to have a garage sale to raise money for her treatments. When I saw everyone else working so hard, I wanted to do my part, but I didn’t have any money to give.

The Day of the Fair

I decided to use the money from selling my pig at the fair to help Courtney. When the day of the fair came, I was a little sad because at first my pig wasn’t raising much money. But when people at the fair heard that the money was for Courtney, they wanted to pitch in.

We Helped

I got to give the money from my pig to the garage sale fundraiser. By the end of the fundraiser, we had helped raise a lot of money for Courtney’s treatments.

Courtney’s Courage

Courtney is done with cancer treatments, but she goes back for tests to make sure she’s still healthy. Her hair is growing back, and she loves having more energy. She always has a good attitude and a smile. Courtney and her family are grateful for how much Heavenly Father has blessed them.

You Can Make a Difference

One of my favorite scripture stories is the parable of the Good Samaritan. The Savior taught that we can always do something to help the people around us. I was happy I could help in my little way. You’re never too young to help! No matter how old you are, you can make a difference.

How You Can Help

  • If you know someone with cancer, be a good friend. Listen to them. Give them a hug. Surprise them with something special you made.

  • Pay tithing and fast offerings! Bishops can use fast offering money to help people in their ward pay for treatments.