Helping the Savior

    “Helping the Savior,” Friend, Jan. 2015, 5

    Helping the Savior

    These kids helped, and so can you. Turn to page 4 to see how! Read more about service in Matthew 25:34–45.

    I gather the dishes from the table to help my mom.

    James C., age 7, Virginia, USA

    I helped my mom take dinner to a sick neighbor.

    Edna L., age 6, Utah, USA

    Gave a homeless person money and a homemade blanket.

    Hayley W., age 10, Utah, USA

    I bring toys to my brother when he’s sad.

    Benjamin C., age 4, Virginia, USA

    I performed at a fireside to help people feel the Spirit.

    Sarah B., age 9, Virginia, USA

    I helped Sister Mouritsen clean her classroom.

    Eli A., age 10, Utah, USA