News Flash from Matt and Mandy!

“News Flash from Matt and Mandy!” Friend, Jan. 2015, 11

News Flash from Matt & Mandy!

Hey, Mandy, you look different.

Have you checked the mirror lately? So do you! And that’s not all that’s different!

You might notice handprints on pages 3 and 5. This year, the Friend wants you to give them a hand—literally! Whenever you serve someone, write what you did on a handprint and mail it to the Friend.

Also, watch for the monthly “Friends Who Care” stories.

In other news, we older kids are studying the New Testament in Primary this year. Now each issue has a “Scripture Time” story and activity to help our family study the New Testament together.

That’s great! I’m also excited about the new Articles of Faith page. It’ll have tips for memorizing a new article of faith every month.

Which is good, because Stretch isn’t the best study partner.

And finally, here’s your chance to be a detective! Solve the “Family History Mystery” each month, and soon you’ll be a pro.

Speaking of families … let’s share our news report with Mom and Dad! You could share this good news with your parents too!

Friend Magazine, 2015/01 Jan