Dear Parents and Teachers

“Dear Parents and Teachers,” Friend, Jan. 2015, back cover

Dear Parents and Teachers,

This year the Friend will highlight how children follow Jesus by lending a helping hand. We’d love to hear service stories from your family!

Read “You Are the Savior’s Hands” on page 2. On page 4 we invite children to make a handprint to send to us. We’ll share some of these “helping hands” on Bulletin Board and Show and Tell each month. Check page 11 to learn what else is new in the magazine this year!

Happy Helping,

The Friend

Primary Connection

Look for the colored diamonds on the table of contents to find stories and activities that support Primary this month!

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Family Home Evening Ideas

Family Fun Time: Read “The Secret Weapon” (page 8). Why does Heavenly Father want us to treat each other nicely? Use “Family Fun Time” (page 10) to practice being kind. Then make the yummy recipe together!

New Testament: This year children are learning about the New Testament in Primary. Read “Scripture Time” (page 40) to learn about the life of Christ. Use the reading suggestions on page 24 as your family explores the scriptures together.

Goals: As a family, read “Abby’s Top-10 List” on page 46. Talk about righteous goals we can set. Have each child write down his or her own top-10 list.

Family History Mystery: Use this month’s “Family History Mystery” (page 14). Help each child put together a “sleuth file” to keep track of notes and clues this year. Then talk about heirlooms your family has. Print tags for your sleuth files at

Friend Magazine, 2015/01 Jan