Give Us a Hand!

“Give Us a Hand!” Friend, Jan. 2015, 4–5

Give Us a Hand!

When Jesus was on the earth, He loved and served everyone. We can follow His example today. Here are some kids who followed Jesus by finding ways to help!

Cookies and Puppets

Our family had a “season of service.” My brothers and I made puppets for children in an orphanage. We also took chocolate-chip cookies to some firemen and cleaned up at a lake. I’m glad we could serve!

Tobin P., age 9, Idaho, USA

Happy Songs

In our special day of service we visited an assisted living center. When we started singing Primary songs and other songs, people started clapping and singing along. Some of them even danced! We left hugs and cards we made for them.

Leiria District, Portugal

Better than Christmas

My mom and dad were exhausted from a long day. I washed and put away the dishes and cleaned the floor, table, and counter. Then I cleaned the living room and the playroom. When my mom and dad woke up, they said it was better than Christmas!

Cambrie G., age 11, Georgia, USA

Friend Magazine, 2015/01 Jan