A Journey to Learn about Jesus Christ

“A Journey to Learn about Jesus Christ,” Friend, Jan. 2015, 40–41

Scripture Time

A Journey to Learn about Jesus Christ

Learn about the New Testament together this year!

This year in Primary you will be taking a wonderful journey following the footsteps of Jesus and learning about His life from the pages of the New Testament. Your parents will be studying the same scriptures in their classes too.

Here are some activities to help you and your family learn more about the New Testament together.

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Take turns choosing one of the “Where Jesus Walked” cards. Read the statement or find and read the scripture. Then match the card with a location on the map.

Mary and Joseph came here to be counted by the government.

Matthew 2:23

After Jesus was born, shepherds came here to worship Him.

Matthew 2:14

Joseph and Mary took Jesus here as a baby, and again when He was 12. He stayed behind and taught men in the temple.

Matthew 2:1

Mary lived here when the angel Gabriel appeared to tell her that Jesus would be born.

The temple built by Herod was in this big city that was surrounded by a wall.

This country is near modern-day Israel.

When Jesus was a young boy, He lived here with Mary and Joseph.

Luke 2:42–49

Friend Magazine, 2015/01 Jan