Watch Out for Crocodiles!
January 2015

“Watch Out for Crocodiles!” Friend, Jan. 2015, 29

Watch Out for Crocodiles!

Adapted from “Spiritual Crocodiles,” New Era, Oct. 2001, 8–11.

A story from President Packer’s life.

Ever since he was a boy, President Boyd K. Packer has loved the outdoors and nature. Birds have always been some of his favorite animals. Before he was called as an Apostle, he got to go on an African safari. He was excited to see the lions, elephants, and rhinos.

It was a very dry season, and there was not much water. There were only small muddy puddles. The antelopes would come up close to the mud holes, then turn and run away in fear. Since there were no lions around, Brother Packer asked the guide why the antelopes didn’t drink. The guide said, “Crocodiles.”

“Nonsense,” Brother Packer said. “There are no crocodiles out there. Anyone can see that.”

Brother Packer thought the guide was teasing. He did not believe a crocodile could hide in the tiny puddles. The guide drove to another muddy hole where they could watch safely. “There,” he said. “See for yourself.”

Brother Packer couldn’t see anything except the mud, a tiny puddle, and the scared animals. Then all at once he saw it. Hiding in the mud was a great big crocodile, waiting for one of the animals to get thirsty enough to come for a drink.

Brother Packer learned that we should listen to our guides to avoid danger. Following good guides like the scriptures can also help us avoid spiritual danger and temptation. He says, “If you will listen to the counsel of your parents and your teachers and your leaders when you are young, you can learn how to follow the best guide of all—the whisperings of the Holy Spirit.”