Ready for Sunbeams
November 2014

“Ready for Sunbeams,” Friend, Nov. 2014, 32–35

For Little Friends

Ready for Sunbeams

Ready for Sunbeams

Rachel was playing with her friends in the nursery when she heard the children next door in Primary singing. She dropped her toy and ran to the wall to hear better.

Rachel clapped her hands. “I know that song,” she said. She started singing “I Am a Child of God.” Then another song started. She listened carefully to learn the words.

When Rachel got home, she started singing the new song. “I know He lives! I will follow faithfully. My heart I give to Him. I know that my Savior loves me!”

“How did you learn that song?” Mommy asked.

“I listened to the Primary,” Rachel said.

“Remember how you are going to the Sunbeam class in Primary soon?” Mommy asked.

Rachel nodded.

“You are going to be so ready!” Mommy said.

Rachel smiled. She was excited to go to Sunbeams.