Following Jesus: Be Generous

    “Following Jesus: Be Generous,” Friend, Nov. 2014, 26

    Following Jesus

    Be Generous

    Following Jesus: Be Generous

    What Jesus Taught

    When Jesus taught the Sermon on the Mount, He said that we should be generous with others, just like Heavenly Father is generous with us (see Matthew 5:40–45). He said if someone takes away our coat, we should also give him our cloak. If someone asks us to go with him for a mile, we should go with him for two miles. If someone asks to borrow something, we should give it willingly. This is part of loving others.

    Following Jesus Today

    In school I had to think of something good to say about someone I had bad feelings toward. This person had ripped off my flag in Capture the Flag, and I felt defeated. After I thought about it, I was able to write that she was good at Capture the Flag. Then I felt better. And, hey—she was good at Capture the Flag!

    Trent L., age 10, Utah, USA

    Some of my classmates didn’t like a boy in my class because he had problems they didn’t understand. On Valentine’s Day, I received two suckers and he had nothing, so I gave my suckers to him. At Christmastime, my family helped me do Secret Santa for his family. I felt very happy inside.

    Emily J., age 12, Idaho, USA