I’m Saul from England

    “I’m Saul from England,” Friend, Nov. 2014, 8–9

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    I’m Saul from England

    Hello, friends!

    Saul from England

    I live in England, but my family comes from several places. My dad is British. My mum grew up in Hawaii, USA. She has both Maori (from New Zealand) and British ancestors. Both my grandpas are British, my granny is British, and my nana is Maori. My mum gave me a Maori middle name, Tamaiti O Iharaera. This name means “Child of Israel.” I love my family and am proud of my heritage.

    In the summertime, our granny’s garden is full of big, juicy strawberries, and she lets us eat as many as we want.

    In the summer of 2012, the Olympics came to my country. We rode the train to London to watch the events inside the stadium. I got to see many athletes receive medals. One of them even gave me a high five! We were so tired afterwards we fell asleep on the train.

    This is a “Christmas cracker.” It’s a party favor that’s kind of like a firecracker! Two people pull it apart and out burst all sorts of fun things like candy, party hats, and stickers.

    My dad and his family are not members of the Church, but they still came to my baptism. I could feel a strong spirit that day. My mum’s parents flew all the way from the USA to be there. In fact, my mum’s dad baptized me.

    My brother and I are the only members of the Church at our school, so I have plenty of chances to be an example to others. One of my best friends comes to Church activities with us a lot.

    My favorite memory in church was when my mum was my Primary teacher. I loved listening to her lessons. My favorite Primary song is “If I Listen with My Heart.” I also like reading in the Book of Mormon about the 2,000 stripling warriors.

    I Love to See the Temple

    There are two temples in England. The London England Temple was the first one built in the United Kingdom. It was dedicated in 1958. Fifty years later, in 2008, an eight-foot statue of the angel Moroni was added by helicopter to the spire. The Preston England Temple was dedicated in 1992.