Gifts from Heaven

    “Gifts from Heaven,” Friend, Nov. 2014, 2–3

    From the First Presidency

    Gifts from Heaven

    Adapted from “Help Them Aim High,” Ensign, Nov. 2012, 60–67.

    Pray to know the gifts you have been given.

    Gifts from Heaven

    When I became a deacon at the age of 12, I lived in New Jersey, USA, 50 miles (80 km) from New York City. I dreamed of being a great baseball player. My father took me to see a game in Yankee Stadium, in New York City. I can still see the swing of the bat as a famous player named Joe DiMaggio hit a home run into the center field stands with my father sitting beside me.

    But another day I spent with my father shaped my life forever. He took me to the home of an ordained patriarch. The patriarch led me to a chair, placed his hands on my head, and gave me a patriarchal blessing as a gift from God.

    He said I was one of those of whom it had been said, “Blessed are the peacemakers” (Matthew 5:9).

    Because the Lord revealed this gift to me in my patriarchal blessing, I have been able to recognize it and look for opportunities to use it to bless others.

    God knows our gifts. My challenge to you is to pray to know the gifts you have been given, to develop them, and to use your gifts to serve others.