Schools around the World

    “Schools around the World,” Friend, Nov. 2014, 24–25

    Schools around the World

    Schools around the World

    Heavenly Father wants us to learn and to develop our skills and talents. This is one way we can become more like Him. There are lots of ways to learn, and lots of ways to go to school!

    Uros children in Peru take a boat to their school on a nearby island.

    Some children in India ride the train to school.

    If you live in Cuba, you might get to school on a horse-drawn school bus.

    Some children have school in their own home.

    Some schools are built for children with disabilities. One school in Scotland is made with cork, stone, and wood so blind students can feel their way around easily.

    In part of Russia, children go to school in a portable tent while their families herd reindeer.

    Some children go to boarding school and live in dormitories with the other students.

    Many students around the world learn with computers.

    Even kids living in temporary shelters can find places to learn and read together.

    In countries in the southern hemisphere, like Australia and Brazil, summer vacation is from December to February.

    In Kenya, some children do their homework by firelight in their family’s manyatta, a traditional home plastered with mud.

    In some countries, moving libraries travel to bring books to thousands of children in different schools.