Scrambled Sharing Time

    “Scrambled Sharing Time,” Friend, May 2013, 37

    Scrambled Sharing Time

    Oh no! Sister Lopez gave out the assignments for Primary sharing time, but they got all mixed up! Can you find out which child is giving what part of sharing time and how old they are?

    If the box does describe the child, put an O in it. If the box does not describe the child, put an X in it. (The first clue has been filled in already as an example.) Fill in all the boxes to find out how old each child is and what they’re supposed to do! Check your answers on page 48.


    Illustration by Thomas S. child

    1. Alex is eight years old.

    2. The oldest child is giving the scripture.

    3. Sarah is not giving a talk.

    4. Alex is not giving a prayer.

    5. Sarah is younger than Michael.

    • Sarah is seven, and she’s giving the prayer; Alex is eight, and he’s giving the talk; Michael is nine, and he’s giving the scripture.