1-2-3! We’re Here to Help!

    “1-2-3! We’re Here to Help!” Friend, May 2013, 4–5

    1-2-3! We’re Here to Help!

    Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee (Exodus 20:12).

    “Tyler and Trey,” Mom said, “time to get up.” Tyler pulled the pillow over his head. Trey snuggled down into the warm covers.

    “Please hurry,” Mom said. “Your breakfast is ready.”

    Tyler slowly walked to the kitchen. Trey stopped to play with a toy.

    “Come on, boys,” Mom said. She was wearing her gym clothes and feeding baby Benjamin his cereal. “Breakfast is getting cold, and I don’t want you to miss the bus. I have my exercise class today.”

    After breakfast, Tyler and Trey ran down the street and around the corner to the bus stop. They got there just in time to see the school bus drive away. They sighed and slowly walked back home.

    “We missed the bus,” Trey said when they got back home.

    Mom frowned. “OK, get in the car. I have to change Benjamin’s diaper, and then I’ll take you to school.”

    “Can you still go to your class?” Trey asked.

    “Not today,” Mom said. “I’d miss more than half of it.”

    After school, Mom took both boys to their dentist’s appointment and then to soccer practice. After practice, the brothers walked into the house tired and hungry. They smelled their favorite dinner.


    That night for family home evening, Dad talked about helping Mom. “Let’s make a list,” he said. “What are some of the things Mom does for us?”

    The brothers shouted out their answers.

    “She fixes us breakfast and takes us places.”

    “She cooks enchiladas for dinner.”

    “She helps with our homework.”

    The list grew and grew.

    “Now let’s make another list,” Dad said. “What can we do to honor Mom?”

    Tyler put his arm around Mom and hugged her. “We can be more helpful,” he said. “We can get up the first time she calls and get ready for school on time.”

    Trey nodded. “Then Mom wouldn’t have to take us to school, and she wouldn’t miss her exercise class.”

    The brothers called out more ideas.

    “We could thank her for dinner.”

    “We could clean up our room.”

    “We could help clear the table after we eat.”

    “We could help clean the house.”

    “We could play with Benjamin when Mom is tired.”

    The next morning Tyler woke up before Mom called. He woke up Trey and whispered, “Let’s do our best to help Mom today, OK?”

    “OK!” Trey said. Soon they were both giggling as they got ready for school without being asked.

    They walked into the kitchen, where Mom and Dad were already sitting.

    “One-two-three! We’re here to help!” the boys chorused in unison.

    Tyler and Trey set the table for breakfast. Then Trey unloaded the dishwasher, and Tyler fed baby Benjamin his cereal. After breakfast they both cleared the table and played with Benjamin.

    They hugged Mom good-bye and hustled out the door to catch the bus.

    “Doesn’t the sun feel good today?” Tyler asked as they walked.

    “Yep,” Trey said. “And I feel good on the inside too.”

    Illustration by Kristin Kwan