T-Shirt Tote for Mom

    “T-Shirt Tote for Mom,” Friend, May 2013, 6

    T-Shirt Tote for Mom

    Be sure to ask an adult to help you with this project!

    What you need:


    A colorful T-shirt that is no longer being worn

    Several large plastic beads with holes in the middle

    What to do:

    1. Lay the T-shirt on a flat surface. Cut the sleeves off, but leave the seam in place for strength.

    2. Cut a large “U” at the neck opening, leaving at least half of the T-shirt along the bottom and straps about three to four inches thick on each side.

    3. Along the bottom of the T-shirt, cut vertical strips about one inch wide and six inches long to make a fringe.

    4. Twist together a strip from both the top and the bottom layers of the shirt.

    5. Thread a bead onto the twisted fabric and tie a large knot just under the bead to hold it in place.

    6. Keep twisting, beading, and tying until the bottom of your bag has been completely brought together.

    7. You can decorate the bag with additional ribbons and beads. You can also write a message to your mom on the bag with fabric markers and give her the bag for Mother’s Day!

    Illustrations by Celeste Smith