A Song for Grandma

    “A Song for Grandma,” Friend, May 2013, 32–35

    For Little Friends

    A Song for Grandma

    Grandma was sick. Lily wanted to help her feel better. But how?

    She couldn’t go to the store to buy flowers like Mom.

    She couldn’t make chicken noodle soup like her sister Tara.

    She couldn’t play a song on the guitar like her big brother Michael.

    Lily started to think about what she could do.

    “I know how I can help Grandma feel better!” Lily told Mom. “I can sing a song for her.”

    Lily and Mom went to visit Grandma. Grandma was lying on the couch. She looked tired.

    “I have a present for you, Grandma,” Lily said. She sang “I Am a Child of God.”

    Now Grandma had a big smile on her face. “Thank you, Lily. That’s the best present you could give.”

    Illustrations by Guy Francis