I Will Be Honest
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“I Will Be Honest,” Friend, Oct. 2004, 45

I Will Be Honest

One year my family and I went trick-or-treating* on Halloween with our cousins. We knocked on one door and the man said he was out of candy, but that he would give each of us a dollar instead. As we walked to the next house, I looked at my dollar and realized that it was actually a $100 bill. I told my dad, and we looked in everyone’s bags. They all had $100 bills. The man had given us a total of $800. We decided to go back and tell him. He was thankful that we had returned his money because that was his house payment. I felt happy because if we had not given him back his money, he could have lost his home. I’m glad that Jesus teaches us to be honest.

Fernando, Micaela, Ben, and Desi Caballero, ages 7, 4, 2, and 6 months, are members of the Muddy River (Spanish) Branch, Logandale Nevada Stake.

Illustrated by Brad Teare